Alessia was born on July 11, 1996. She is a young, talented, and beautiful Canadian songwriter and singer. The singer was born in Canada, and she started her singing career on YouTube, where she was discovered for the first time.
Only at such a young age of 23 years, Alessia Cara has a net worth of over 4 million dollars. This young singer is the owner of several luxurious cars and bungalows in Canada and U.S.A.


Alessia Cara has stepped into the 23rd year of her life on July 11, 2019..


  • The real name of this young star is Alessia Caracciolo.
  • Alessia had been a victim of risky self-doubt, and she fought it for many years.
  • This young star was first found on YouTube.
  • The singer doesn’t like attending concerts. The only one which she did was Justin Bieber’s concert just because her friend had an extra ticket.

Current Love

Alessia Cara had been a subject of various rumors. One such rumor was that the singer is dating Kevin Garrett. The news became one of the hottest hits on the media and press. It was also rumored that her famous song “Not Today” is also about her boyfriend, Kevin. The couple is still together in 2019 according to the latest report.


This young and famous Canadian singer has received several death threats throughout a previous couple of years. Ina recent interview, the singer revealed that she is still struggling with the trauma she received from the death threats. Alessia also stated that in such a terrible time of her life, many of her friends weren’t there to support her.
Alessia has also faced criticism because of winning awards and nominations. However, he struggles never ended, and she is still moving forward with the same energy.

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