Summer season is embedded with festivals and summer parties. So whether you are looking for the right choice to rock Coachella music festival or you just want to get a festival fashion look for the gram, don’t worry we got you.

Here are 12 trendy fashion must-haves for festivals this summer:

Trendy shoulder bags

For a flirty, carefree look, which suits a festival outing, serious looking handbags are not advised. You do need something to hold your phones and some essentials, so you can’t afford to go without. You can use side bags, boho tote bags, cross-body shoulder bags or belt bags. You want to look carefree but chic.

Body Jewels

Shiny, sparkly things seem to be a theme for festivals, so it won’t be a bad idea to get some body sparkles to get heads turned your way.

Statement glasses

This is an essential fashion item that adds to your whole assemble. Statement glasses, or LED goggles just have a way of popping out your outfit, no matter how understated they look. Statement glasses draw attention, they can’t help it, it’s just how they were made.

Crop tops

Crop tops have come to stay, so get over it. A sexy or sparkly crop top is a way to go if you want to get your party groove on. Their versatility makes them so easy to style. They pair well with leggings, booty shorts or miniskirts. However, you wear them you are guaranteed to feel comfy enough to dance your heart out

Light up sneakers

Another guaranteed way to spiff up your outfit and surely get eyes glued to your outfit. They are a pleasure to behold when they light up in late-night party scenes. It’s great for techno parties.


Also known as rave rompers have consistently stayed on our radar of hot fashion must-haves. They go so well with anything to give you an effortless chic but flirty look.

Booty shorts

Booty shorts are girl’s best friend; they are always there for you. They flaunt your booty while leaving you free to bust down.

Matching set

Well, a lady should have a pair or two of this lovely. They are classy and fun too, and with a pair of block heel shoes, they look absolutely gorgeous.

Shoes or boots

It’s a toss, depending on your style for the festival. Your shoes can make or mar your whole get up, so consider carefully the look you want to pull off and how your shoes would set your fashion rocking.


Hats too make a statement and gets people taking a second look, but they also protect your hair from turning into a demon in the wind, while shading your eyes from the worst of the sun.

Boho gown

These are so trendy and give up an effortless look. Whether short or long, wearing a stylish boho dress is a yes!

Printed dress

If you like the preppy style of prints, you could get one that suits your style and freaking own it.

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