2019 has been a long year so far. We’ve only just made it past the half-way point. What’s been going on? Let’s look back at the hottest global gossip in recent news.

Prince William affair

At least, that’s the rumour. William was apparently cheating by his wife, Kate Middleton. Worse, he probably cheated with Middleton’s best friend, Rose Hanbury. This rumour stems from aggressive fights between friends and in the family. The Duchess of Cambridge has threatened to take legal action against reporters of the affair.

Lil Nas X

We grow closer as a community when someone chooses to tell the world their identity. Unfortunately, there’s always people who hate on love. Lil Nas X, famous for the song “Old Town Road,” came out as gay at the end of June.

Comments poking fun at the rapper’s sexual preference flooded social media. Some ex-fans claimed that the star’s sexuality made them stop listening to his music. These upsetting comments are a reminder of the homophobia that remains in the world.

But Lil Nas X didn’t let the comments get him down. His social media responses were witty and optimistic. We love a proud gay icon!

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson

One Direction band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are not dating. Both have denied dating rumors for several years. Now, HBO has aired an NSFW cartoon scene of Styles and Tomlinson having sex.

The issue with HBO’s cartoon, publicized in the show Euphoria, is lack of consent. Neither Harry Styles nor Louis Tomlinson agreed to their depiction on HBO.

Louis Tomlinson especially hates the drama. Eleanor Caldor is Tomlinson’s current girlfriend. Tomlinson feels that dating rumours are harmful to his actual relationship.

This news has allowed the issue of fetishising gay relationships to come to light. Really, it all boils down consent. We should each respect the wishes and privacy of others. Don’t sexualise something unless you receive the appropriate permission!

Gilette’s Razor

“Toxic masculinity” means a mindset and actions inspired by traditionally masculine traits. For example, acting as if a man cannot enjoy shopping because it isn’t ‘manly’ is toxic. Gillette tackled this issue in an ad campaign kicked off around January 13 of this year.

The Gillette commercial that began the campaign focused on “the best that men can be.” This advertisement featured issues in male behaviour that we consider “toxic.” The commercial suggested that men should always strive to be better. This was a wonderful breakthrough for the #metoo movement. Because the ad aired on many channels, the movement gained popularity.

James Charles

Around early May, influencer Tati Westbrook publicly shamed James Charles. Charles, a make-up influencer on social media, had been Westbrook’s friend. Over YouTube, Westbrook detailed everything that Charles had done to upset her.

In the video, Westbrook called Charles out for abuse of power. According to Westbrook, Charles had ‘pressured’ men into sexual acts in the past. Westbrook mentioned that Charles goes after ‘straight’ men to manipulate them with his fame.

We should be taking notes from this scandal. Also we must make sure that fame isn’t used for manipulation. And we should also remember that anyone can be predatory.

The take away

It’s easy to forget that stars are people. Sometimes the public refuses to give celebrities the respect or privacy they deserve. Other times celebrities can be manipulative or deceitful. Remember, keep yourself in check if you notice that you’re judging another person too harshly—even a celebrity. And also, whether you’re a celebrity or not, always ask for consent! That shouldn’t be very hard.

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