It seems everyone is famous for something these days, and even for something as small as their social media presence. But, it’s nice to be wanted and to feel like you have influence. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be famous, here’s a how-to guide on how to make Instagram your personal platform in the world of fame and recognition.

Be Consistent

For quality to do its job well enough to make you Insta-famous, you have to be consistent. This goes for everything—your visual tone, moral theme, and posting time.
Your overall profile should look unanimous at first glance. The best way to do this is the color palette consistency of your pictures. If they all have the same color scheme, you’ll come across as artsy and interesting, the ultimate goal. Also, your posting times should be subtly consistent. You want to post enough to stay relevant but not so much that you’re annoying. Posting every other day is a good rule of thumb, and eventually people will look for your posts on their feed.

Be Skilful

With authenticity comes great responsibility. You can’t just skate by on who you are because that will get boring very fast. So, your post quality has to match the quality of your personality. If you post a lot of grainy and random photos, you won’t gain much of a following. Clear photos that focus on your life attract the most followers, so you have to become your own professional photographer and photo editor. There are lots of great cameras available that take great photos, and you can train yourself on how to use your phone camera more efficiently. Also, there are plenty of photo editing apps available to make your pictures look like they came fresh from a professional.
Also, a little tip: bright and vertical photos get the most consistent likes from followers. They maximize display space and are eye-catching, which is exactly what you need.

Be Authentic

It is glaringly obvious who is and who isn’t fake on their social media. That’s why it is important to be genuine in what you post. Everything should reflect who you are so that any stranger can scroll through your page and feel like they know who you are. Be open and honest about what your talents and passions are in life. People like to know what makes someone happy and posting what drives you will make you stand out. They also want to know where you stand in these passions, like when you’re struggling and when you’re thriving. If you only post the highlights, then it seems like you’re trying too hard to be perfect. Having openly accepted flaws makes you seem human, which is very appealing in a social media account.

Be Social

Part of having an important online presence is being involved in the community of it. So, to be popular on Instagram, you have to engage with others by commenting and liking their posts as well as responding to theirs on yours. If you don’t do this, sometimes you can come across as snobby and cold, which would contribute to the fake personality thing you want to avoid. You should also engage with the advancement features of Instagram, like the hashtags. When you use them, they bring more attention to your profile and will gain you more followers and likes. Don’t overuse them, but make sure you are keeping up with the ones that are trendy!

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