Taking the best instapictures is an art. It requires a lot of patience, style, a little bit of skill and a lot of creativity. However, it’s not hard to do at all. Now, here are just a few tips we believe could help you rock those instapictures this summer.

1. Be Inspired.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. What really produces those picture-perfect moments you see on the internet, is simply inspiration. And what’s more, those perfect pictures can be reenacted by you. Yes! Well, not exactly, but enough to look like the real thing. You could save pictures that really caught your attention on pinterest or tumblr, for a time when you would need inspiration for your instapics.

2. Perfect Caption.

A goofy caption might spoil the effect of your sexy picture. You need to find the right caption for every instapicture. You can create captions that engages your audience. For instance, you don’t have to say “Oh these shoes are super cute!” beneath your new summer shoes. You could say “hey guys, what would you rock with these shoes?” Although, you don’t have to engage your audience with questions every time, still, finding the right caption to suit your instapics would keep your audience glued to your feed.

3. Stage Unplanned Moments.

Every moment of your life you share with the gram deserves some level of perfection or excellence. It’s not so hard, but you gotta give it all it takes. For instance while packing for college, everywhere is in disarray, right? Gbam, you suddenly feel inspired to take some pics! Don’t just up and start snapping away like a loon, open a window or two for perfect natural lighting. Arrange some stuff here and there to give some sort of messy symmetry and take your photos from different angles, until you are satisfied with them. Nothing is really just a coincidence on Instagram, so be intentional about your instapics.

4. Always Be Prepared.

Many times we miss out on instaworthy moments, because we are too busy being in our feelings, or just plain distracted. Remember you can get inspiration from anywhere, all you need to do is to keep your eyes peeled. Instapictures is not about taking photos of yourself all the time, it’s about taking the perfect photos.

During summer, you will find a lot of instaworthy attractions that deserve to be immortalised. That mouth watering plate of food, those luminous looking fruits, puppies playing in the field, your outfit for a date laid out on your bed, anything could be photogenic at the moment, so don’t miss it. Ensure your phone’s always charged and ready to take instaworthy pictures.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun.

Summer is fun time, and taking pictures for the gram should be a fun loving pastime. So while you are lounging by the pool, hanging out with the girls, picking seashells at the beach, grocery shopping, baking cookies, or whatever you are doing at the moment, make sure you are having fun as you snap away. Your happiness might just be the reason for someone on your Instagram feed to smile.

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