Lil Kim was born on July 11, 2974. Her real is Kimberly Denise Jones, and she was born in New York. Kim is an American origin singer, model, rapper, and actress. She was expelled from home at a young age, and she roamed on the streets for a long time. Kim also had a violent and abusive relationship with her father.
The singer and actress also fell in the hands of drug dealers and pimps in her teens. Later on, she was discovered by Notorious B.I.G. who introduced her to the music industry and made her a star. Kim started her singing career n the mid of the ’90s and is known for her hip-hop performances.


Lil Kim is turning 45 today on July 11, 2019.


  • Kim had an abusive and violent childhood.
  • The actress has undergone various cosmetic surgeries.

Current Love

Kim’s first ever lover was Notorious B.I.G. They went into a relationship back in 1997 before the guy got murdered. No one knows to till date which he was killed. Kim has dated several guys after that.
The list is long. She has a daughter from Mr. Papers, although they never got married. Currently, the actress isn’t dating anyone.


The actress suffers from low self-esteem, which is evident by the number of times she has gone under the knife. Her plastic surgeries have always been a hot topic in the hip-hop community. Lil Kim has gone through several drastic changes with her facial features over the past years.
Her breast implants, lip fillers, and hair extensions tell the story. The actress was also subjected to domestic violence as she fell into the wrong and abusive relationship. She also ended up having a broken nose, which made her go for nose surgery.
She is a hot topic on Botched, and her eyes, lips, chin, and cheeks say it all.

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