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Famous Birthdays

Are you interested in knowing about some famous women who were born on your birthday and blows the birthday candle along with you? We are aware about fascination with celebrities because it has been like this for many centuries. People are intensely captivated by celebs.

To cater your interests, we are providing you an opportunity to check whether you share the same birthday with all of those famous celebrities out there like famous athletes, actors, musicians and great authors.

Celebrity explorer

Find out who was born on any day in the past with our posts of the most famous birthdays. We have the collection of some of the famous, noteworthy as well as historical celebrity birthdays which we will keep posting for you every day.


You will be surprised to know about the famous people who were born on the same day as your birthday! These famous birthdays will also make you feel yourself special and you will be even more delighted to cut your cake on your next birthday.


You might be sharing the same habits as the famous and most favorite celebrity. We will not only share the famous birthday with you but we will also reveal some of the amazing facts like the secret gossips, relationship status, current love life and some interesting facts about these celebrities.


On the top of all, you will get to know the real age of the famous celebrities on our blog.

Read out our famous birthdays posts and let us know if you share your birthday with all those brightest minds on the globe, or maybe with some of the past’s most popular serial killers or odious dictators. So, find out today’s famous birthday and discover who shares your big day!


We are committed to make it entertaining and simple for you to find out more about your famous celebrities. Why not try giving it a whirl!