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To celebrate the awesomeness of delicious cuisines we are launching our food blog with easy and authentic recipes which you can try with your friends and family.

We have a range of different foods from around the world. If you are searching for a delicious piece of advice then try checking out our food blog. We have got fun and easy tips and tricks to make your kitchen journey fun for you. We have got a variety of different desserts, cookies and much more. Our food blog is heaven for all those sweet lovers out there. Our chef will take you through simple and easy steps with seasonal ingredients and healthy foods.

We believe in a healthy living

Our motive is to share fresh, flavourful and healthy recipes for your everyday life and to provide you with stimulating AND approachable cuisines whether you are cooking for your family, for friends or your partner. Our master chef is dedicated to bring you the most delightful and healthy meals to make your supper times and mealtimes fun for you. For your teatime we have a range of pie and cookie recipes as well! Our recipes will make you wait for 6pm when you can get home and start cooking the amazing foods!


We have consulted various experienced chefs to present the recipes of the best of their masterpiece dishes, tips, tricks and cooking ideas. Our goal is to make you love cooking and make every part of it an amazing experience for you.


From appetizers and sugar crushes to salads and baked products, you will everything here. So, check out our food blog now and get inspired by our mouth-watering dishes. Whatever you love, you will find on our food blog! So, embrace the world of delicious cuisines and tasty food that your inner chef had been longing for!


We are delighted to have an entire team of experts behind Le Missy who will help you with little bit of everything you need! Meet them here!