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How does the game work?

Game rules

– You get 2 points for your friend you refer.
– You lose your 2 points when she unsubscribes from the newsletter.
– You lose all your points when you unsubscribe to our newsletter.
– VIP links gives you up to 5 extra points.
– You get 2 points for every $ which you spend in the webshop.
– You get 25 bonus points when you get 10 referrals.
– You get 150 bonus points when you get 50 referrals.

We hide some VIP links on our social pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and youtube. You can find the VIP links in the bio’s, our posts etc. You can also find them on related posts on other websites as Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, TikTok, Ebay and many more websites.

When do I win the game?

The game stops when the first person hits the 1.000 points.
The winner gets a $1.000,- fashioncheque
The second gets a $500,- fashioncheque
The third gets a $100,- fashioncheque


When you use fake email adresses to gather referral points