Did you know that our everyday pal Google was born in a garage? Moreover, do you know who the owner of that garage was? Well, it was Susan Wojcicki’s garage where the world’s top search engine was sprouted!
Susan Wojcicki is now the CEO of YouTube, which is the world’s largest hub for online videos.

Susan Wojcicki is now the CEO of YouTube, which is the world’s largest hub for online videos.
Thanks to that day- July 5, 1968! The day which proved to be a blessing for all of us. It was the day when this great lady was born in Los Altos, California. This inspirational lady brought us the revolutionary YouTube, which is improving with each passing day.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has been with Google since the beginning and the head of YouTube since 2014.
Susan studied from Harvard University and then took another degree from the University of California. This great tech lady rented out her garage to Google in 1998, and it was used as Google’s first headquarters.
Currently, she has a net worth of over $480 million.


Susan is stepping in the 51st year of her life today on July 5, 2019.


  • According to Wojcicki, having children around you make you more productive and energetic. That is why she believes that her children make her do her job better.
  • Thus, this great woman is proof that there are no restrictions for a woman even when they are married with children. Some great women can still make wonders just like Susan Wojcicki.
  • She has made Google a great working place for all the mom’s out there.

Current Love

Do you want to know about the love life of the great woman who took YouTube to the top?
Well, this tech lady, Susan Wojcicki, is married to Dennis Tropper, who is also a successful man. Dennis works as a Director of Product Management at Google. The fantastic tech couple tied the knot back in 1988 in California. They both are known as the self-made millionaires with a skyrocketing career which made them land together among the top tech executives in the world.
Susan and Dennis have five children, and they have kept them anonymous from the rest of the world.


Susan had been frequently criticized due to some community violating videos on YouTube. However, Susan accepts it, and she is ready to solve this problem on her own.
Moreover, we have no clues why this famous tech couple has kept their al five children way from Google!
Try searching for them on Google!

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