Dating is hard. Dating has been hard every time I’ve tried to date. Inexplicably, we’re always positive that the next date we go on will work out better than the last. We should even the odds. We should expand our searches beyond the people we’ll meet in real life. You probably know what I’m about to suggest already: online dating.

Problems with dating online

You may not be directly affected by the overt discrimination of many dating apps. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore what doesn’t affect you. That being said, we should avoid supporting discriminatory services.

Some dating apps are more accessible to individuals of various gender or sexual identities than others. If we don’t support these apps, they will be forced to become more inclusive to gain back their user base.

Plus, if you value inclusivity and liberalism, you probably want a partner who does too. Using inclusive apps might give you a higher chance of finding your ideal partner.Personally, I identify as a biromantic asexual.

The search for a dating app that includes my identity has been extremely difficult. My search ended when the clouds parted and the OKCupid app shone down upon me.

Reasons to love OkCupid

OkCupid provides more choices for personal identity labels than any other dating app I’ve ever seen. It also allows users to choose up to five sexual preferences. This is especially helpful for me. You can include all descriptors important to your identity, such as both “bi[romantic]” and “asexual.”

Like any dating app, OKCupid lets you pick what you’re looking for. You can choose between wanting “new friends,” “short-term dating,” “long-term dating” and “hookups.” You can also check a box indicating that you are open to non-monogamy.

One flaw with OKCupid

Unfortunately, every app has its flaws. A page in your profile asks which individuals you would like to interact with on the app. The problem is that your only choices are only “men,” “women” and “everybody.”

Fortunately, OkCupid acknowledges this issue on their site. They say they “know gender is not binary.” OKCupid also notes that they “want you to feel like yourself” on the app. OKCupid is currently “working on changing” their preference choices.

Inclusive features of OKCupid

Pick between common pronoun options or write in your own. If you’re uncomfortable seeing or being seen by straight people, OKCupid has an option for that.

Politics are pretty important to the groups like the LGBTQ+ community which has historically been discriminated against. OKCupid allows users to include political preferences in their profiles. You can even show your support for Planned Parenthood or other organisations that are important to you.

Why OKCupid?

All of these descriptors convinced me that OKCupid is way better than just ‘okay.’ That’s impressive coming from me, because dating as a romantic asexual is always pretty difficult.

OKCupid is an excellent choice for anyone, including those who identify as straight and cis! Supporting LGBTQ+ inclusive apps and services helps to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy interacting on OKCupid! May you always express yourself and be accepted by those around you.

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