The time is right around the corner and this year is extra special. If you have ever wondered what the Tomorrowland experience is all about then this may be the ultimate extravaganza that you won’t want to miss. 

The Tomorrowland Experience

The Tomorrowland experience is unlike any typical festival in the United States. The conditions are humid and while you are spending a lot of time in the heat, you will also be doing a lot of walking. The landscape will call for climbing hills and steps. Also, there may be periods of rain over the stretch of the event.

The camping experience, labelled as ‘Dreamville’, is a complete community that includes twelve various camping packages. From the basic tents to the Dreamville lodges, this adventure is sure to give you that once in a lifetime vibe.

This exclusive electronic music world has everything from a supermarket, a butcher shop, tattoo shop, beauty salon, a place for recreational activities, a radio station, a Tomorrowland newspaper delivered every morning, and its own currency known as “pearls” which one pearl is equal to $2.00 USD.>

Tomorrowland Outfit Ideas

Now that you know what to expect let’s talk about that look that will be all the rave but will still be comfortable for the day.

Dresses and Rompers

During the day, you may want to consider wearing a loose beach dress or romper for the main component of your outfit.

Crop Top and Shorts

If you would rather have some more mobility, you can go with a crop top and some shorts or leggings.


You should also remember that, due to the humidity, you can possibly get sweaty, which is something that you don’t want. So, you should try to incorporate clothing pieces that are breathable and that will minimize wetness. Activewear, for example, is a great idea.

These accessories can be fashionable when you pair them with the right outfit ensemble. You can even wear a hydration pack to take care of all of your basic needs in one while you are enjoying the festival.

Tomorrowland Fashion Advice

When you are preparing to attend Tomorrowland, it is important to keep a few helpful tips in mind while you are planning your outfits:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Since we know that you can expect a lot of walking and possibly some rain, it is probably wise to wear comfortable shoes that support your calves, are good for walking, getting wet, as well as dirty.

Water shoes may be a good idea as well. You may need them when using the public showers. Safety is another area that you want to keep in mind during such a huge event.

Come Prepared For Bad Weather

You may also want to consider bringing along that rain jacket, just in case you encounter some unexpected weather conditions.

Accessorize With a Belt Bag or Backpack

While it is best to make sure that you secure a locker at the venue for your belongings, you should still bring along a fanny pack, backpack, or belt bag to protect your valuables from pickpockets.

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